Notice is hereby given that the Board of Gosford Race Club Limited has convened a Special General Meeting to be held in the Panorama Lounge, The Entertainment Grounds, Gosford Racecourse on Monday 22nd February 2021 at 6.00pm

To consider and, if thought fit, pass the following as a Special Resolution:

That the document entitled “Constitution of Gosford Race Club Limited”, a copy of which is tabled at the meeting and signed by the Chair of the meeting for the purpose of identification, be adopted as the Constitution of the Company in place of the current Constitution with effect from the conclusion of the meeting. 

Supporting Information 
The letter from the Chairman and document entitled Constitutional Change Information provide additional information on the matter to be considered at the Special General Meeting and form part of this Notice.

Copies of the current Constitution and the proposed new Constitution of the Club will be:

a. attached to the Notices of Meeting sent by email;
b. available on the Club’s website; or
c. provided on request by telephone to the Club.

Entitlement to Vote
Persons eligible to vote at the meeting are Life Members and Financial Full Members elected to membership prior to the 2015 Annual General meeting or elected after that date who have retained membership for a continuous period of one year.

A member of the Club who is entitled to attend and vote at the meeting may appoint a person as the member’s proxy to attend and vote for the member at the meeting. The proxies must be in the approved form and submitted to the Club no later than 6pm on 20 February 2021.  

The approved form of Proxy will be provided by application to the Chief Executive Officer by email or by telephone to the Club’s office. 

By order of the Board  29 January 2021. 

Daniel Lacey 
Chief Executive Officer