Raceday tickets are sold subject to the following terms and conditions:

1.1 No refund or exchange on any ticket except as set out in condition 3.

1.2 The Entertainment Grounds reserves the right to cancel, reschedule and/or vary advertised race meetings and races at any time.

1.3 Tickets may not be resold or offered for resale at a premium (including via on-line auction sites) or, without the written permission of The Entertainment Grounds, used for commercial, advertising or promotional purposes in connection with other goods or services. Breach of this condition may result in cancellation of the ticket and refusal of entry to the ticket holder.



Event tickets are sold subject to the following terms and conditions:

2.1 No refund or exchange on any ticket except as set out in condition 3.

2.2 The Entertainment Grounds reserves the right to cancel, reschedule and/or vary advertised function and events at any time.

2.3 Tickets may not be resold or offered for resale at a premium (including via on-line auction sites) or, without the written permission of The Entertainment Grounds, used for commercial, advertising or promotional purposes in connection with other goods or services. Breach of this condition may result in cancellation of the ticket and refusal of entry to the ticket holder.



3.1 In the event of a scheduled race meeting being cancelled due to inclement weather after 11.00am on the scheduled raceday, a phantom meeting will be held and the Gosford Race Club (The Entertainment Grounds will meet its commitments in relation to pre booked food and beverage packages.

3.2 No refunds will be given in relation to food and beverage packages if the meeting is cancelled after 11.00am on the scheduled raceday.

3.3 If the scheduled race meeting is cancelled before 11.00am on the scheduled raceday, full refunds will be given and the meeting will be deemed abandoned. :

If an event is cancelled or rescheduled prior to commencement of the event, ticket holders may request to exchange tickets for an equivalent event by returning the tickets to The Entertainment Grounds (Gosford Race Club Limited) within two business days of the cancelled or rescheduled event and The Entertainment Grounds will, if possible, provide the exchange tickets (but does not guarantee that it will be able to do so). An equivalent event means the same event at a later date or another event to the equal ticket value.

3.4 Refund notice periods

  • 3 months’ notice – refunds with 3 months’ notice will be honoured as a full refund.
  • 4 week’s notice – refunds with 4 weeks’ notice will be honoured as a full refund.
  • 72hrs notice – refunds with 72hrs notice will be considered as a partial refund. With 30% of the total sales value held as a non-refundable deposit.
  • 24hrs notice – refunds will not be honoured within 24hrs notice.

3.5 Refund payment process

The Entertainment Grounds will process all refunds as a priority, however refunds can be expected within 14 days from the approval of the refund request


4.1 The Entertainment Grounds (Gosford Race Club Pty Ltd) is committed to ensuring the privacy of the personal information you have provided to us. The following statement sets out our general policy for the protection of your privacy.

We are bound by the National Privacy Principles which form part of the PRIVACY ACT 1988 (Commonwealth). At your request we will provide you with additional information about the way our organisation manages the personal information it holds.

4.2 We will not disclose your personal information to any other organisation or person unless there is a legal requirement to do so. The Entertainment Grounds (Gosford Race Club Pty Ltd) may disclose your information to third parties that provide services under contract to the Club. These contracts require the third party to keep your personal information confidential and secure.



5.1 All prices are in Australian dollars and are inclusive of GST.

5.2 Payment is required with all online bookings. If you do not feel comfortable completing your purchase online, we welcome you to call us on 02 4325 0461 to secure your booking.

5.3 We accept credit card payments online via our SSL secure server. This provides encrypted security for sensitive data such as credit card details.

5.4 We accept payment via the credit cards Mastercard and Visa.

5.5 We do not accept payment via American Express.

5.6 The Entertainment Grounds (Gosford Race Club Pty Ltd) will not charge any additional booking fees or surcharges unless specified at the time of booking.

5.7 The Entertainment Grounds (Gosford Race Club Pty Ltd) does not store credit card details.



This policy is for Racedays only, for Events please check the policy listed under each Event or telephone our offices for confirmation (Phone – 02 4325 0461).

Entrants are generally not permitted to bring external or commercial food or beverage into the Venue. Decisions about whether such products will be permitted are at the discretion of the Race Club or based on specific event requirements. Entrants will generally be advised to dispose of such items or will have the items confiscated prior to entering the Venue. This does not apply to food or beverages for persons with special dietary requirements, provided that such food or beverages are not packed in prohibited containers. The Venue will not be liable for any loss caused to entrants by the disposal or confiscation of food items.


  • Food required for dietary or health purposes is allowed in sealed containers with written consent from a health professional. Food will be available on course for sale.

Not Permitted:

  • Perishable or processed foods intended for consumption such as meats, seafood’s, salads, dairy products and sandwich/fruit/vegetable
  • ‘Commercial Food’ such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut etc.
  • No BYO alcohol. Alcohol is available for purchase at the Event. Patrons found to have bought alcohol into the Venue will be evicted from the Venue. Patrons who wish to consume alcohol must have photo ID. It is an offence to supply minors with alcohol and anyone found supplying minors with alcohol will be evicted from the Venue.
  • No BYO soft drinks. Drinks required for dietary or health purposes are allowed in sealed containers with written consent from a health professional. Complimentary water is available at all bars.
  • No glass – this includes wine glasses, jars, or any other containers or items made of glass. Although bottles of wine will be sold inside the Venue you may not bring any glass object into the Venue.
  • No metal cutlery or knives of any sort are permitted into the Venue.


Policy on Responsible Service of Alcohol:
We are committed to the Responsible Service of Alcohol. The Entertainment Grounds:

  • Recognises that it is against the law to serve anyone to intoxication.
  • Recognises that it is against the law to serve anyone under the age of 18.
  • Recognises that it is against the law to allow disruptive or violent behaviour to occur on these premises.
  • Is an active member of the Gosford Liquor Accord and is committed to abiding by its policies and procedures.
  • Acknowledges the right of every individual to an enjoyable social day out, without impacting on others to do the same.

The Entertainment Grounds has adopted the following House policy, which provides a framework for the Responsible Service of Alcohol.

Alcohol Consumption:

  • Persons who are intoxicated will be Refused Admission to our premises.
  • We will display and refer to Intoxication signs in order to support our responsible attitude and meet the requirements of legislation.
  • Any patron in oncourse or at a function or event will be Denied Service if they are considered intoxicated.
  • The Entertainment Grounds does not seek to encourage rapid or excessive consumption through pricing.
  • Low alcoholic beers and non-alcoholic beverages are stocked, promoted and offered as an alternative to patrons who are judged as becoming intoxicated.
  • Patrons current or impending state of intoxication will be refused service.
  • The Entertainment Grounds does not condone or encourage high-risk groups entering its premises.
  • The Entertainment Grounds carries all necessary RSA signs to highlight these points.

Under Age Drinking

  • The Entertainment Grounds recognises only three (3) forms of identification:
  1. Current Drivers License
  2. RTA Proof of age card
  3. Passport
  • If a staff member believes that a person who is ordering or being supplied alcohol is under 18 years of age they will request proof of age.
  • The Entertainment Grounds will conduct random identification checks of persons that we suspect to be under the age of 18. If a person is less than 18 years of age or refuse to produce identification, staff will refuse service and that person may be removed from the premises.
  • All necessary RSA signage will be visible to both patrons and bar staff.
  • Persons under the age of 18 are not permitted to stand or be served at the bar even for non-alcoholic products.

Disruptive Behaviour
If a patrons behaviour becomes disruptive the security and or police will counsel the person(s). If the behaviour continues the patron will be ejected from the premises.

Violent Behaviour
Any form of violence will not be tolerated at The Entertainment Grounds. Should a patron become violent in any way they will be ejected from the venue.

Refusal of Service
It is against the law to serve an intoxicated person, which has serious consequences for the staff member and The Entertainment Grounds. Whilst individuals patronage is greatly valued intoxicated persons will be requested to leave the premises. Failure to leave as requested will result in Police action and a possible fine.

Drinking and Driving
Staff members will be pro-active in seeking to discourage drinking and driving. The Entertainment Grounds offers a number of services designed to alleviate the need for drunk driving. These services include the provision of overnight parking facilities, the provision of a safe place for the holding of car keys overnight and the making of alternative transport arrangements.

Training and Promotions
All staff have been informed about this policy on Responsible Service of Alcohol and adequately trained to support this policy. The Entertainment Grounds seeks to publicise and promote its position on Responsible Serving.



Gosford Race Club Limited ACN 003 846 124 (‘Race Club’’) is dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for all patrons, staff and delegates at the Entertainment Grounds (‘Venue’).  These General Conditions of Entry (‘Conditions’) are applicable to all persons attending the venue, including but not limited to visitors, members, delegates, trainers and staff, and entry to the Venue is subject to the Conditions.  The Conditions are subject to change without notice, based on specific event requirements and at the sole discretion of The Race Club.

8.1 Conditions of Entry

In consideration of the Race Club allowing persons to enter the Venue, each entrant agrees to the following Conditions of Entry that can only be waived by the Race Club in writing. Additional restrictions apply to entry into the mounting yard.

8.2 Refusal of Entry or Removal

The Race Club reserves the right to refuse entry to or remove from the Venue:

a) any unauthorised person;

b) any person who in the opinion of a Race Club representative is behaving, or is in a group of persons behaving, in a manner that is causing or likely to cause nuisance or offence to other persons, damage to property, or cause disruption to the conduct of horse racing;

c) any person who breaches any of these Conditions or refuses to obey any reasonable direction from a Race Club representative.

8.3 Prohibited Items

The following items must not be brought into the Venue:

a) alcohol or any illegal substance;

b) knives, firearms, blades, flares, laser pointers or any other item that could potentially cause injury or discomfort to other patrons;

c) animals other than an assistance animal as defined in the Companion Animals Act 1998;

d) musical instruments, whistles or any other item that could potentially cause disruption to racing.

8.4 Licenced Premises

A minor must not enter into or remain at the Venue unless the minor is in the company and immediate vicinity of an adult who is:

a) a parent, step-parent or guardian of the minor;

b) the minor’s spouse or de facto partner; or

c) standing in as the parent of the minor.

The adult person accompanying the minor will be responsible for any act or omission of the minor.

It is an offence for anyone to purchase liquor for or supply liquor to minors. Entrants may be required to provide proof of identity and/or of age at any time. Alcohol must not be brought into or removed from the Venue.

8.5 Photography and Recording

Entrants must not take any photographs or make any film or sound recording at the Venue for commercial purposes.

Each entrant consents to being photographed or filmed and/or recorded by or on behalf of the Race Club while at the Venue and consents to the Race Club using the images or recording for any promotional or advertising purpose. Each patron assigns all intellectual property rights in the images or recording to the Race Club, throughout the world in perpetuity and waives any moral right in the images or recording. If the entrant is a horse owner the entrant agrees that the consents and assignment in this clause extends to any photography or film of the entrant’s horse and jockey’s colours.

The Venue is monitored by a CCTV network for the safety and security of the entrants.

8.6 General Conditions

a) Entrants must not enter the racetrack at any time.

b) The sale or distribution of any goods or advertising or promotional material within the racecourse or any advertising, or political activity is prohibited within the Venue.

c) Smoking is prohibited in all areas designated as smoke free areas and where prohibited by the Smoke-Free Environment Act 2000.

d) The Race Club reserves the right to inspect or search bags or any other items being brought into the Venue by entrants.

e) All persons entering the Venue do so at their own risk. There is a risk of harm and a risk to an entrant’s safety including because of the nature of events held at the Venue and because access may be available to the general public. Entrants are asked to assess that risk prior to entry and during their presence at the Venue.

8.7 Dress Regulations

Dress Regulations apply for entrance to the Member Stand

8.8 Releases and Exclusion of Liability and Indemnity

a) Entrants bring their personal items into the Venue at their own risk. The Race Club will not be liable for any damage, loss or theft of an entrant’s personal property.

b) Entrants enter the Venue at their own risk and release the Race Club to the full extent allowed by law from all claims that the entrant might have, or might have had if not for this release, in respect of any injury, including injury resulting in death, arising from or occurring during their entry into or presence at the Venue.

c) Each entrant indemnifies the Race Club from and against all actions, claims, demands, losses, damages, costs and expenses which the Race Club is, or may be, or becomes liable for, arising from any damage to property, loss of life, or injury which may be sustained or suffered by any third party at the Venue, to the extent that the same is caused by an act or omission of the entrant.


The media passes granted for the Coast Race Day are only valid for the date of 08/05/21 and cannot be re-used for any other race meetings held at Gosford Race Club.

By receiving a media pass to the Gosford Race Club (The Entertainment Grounds) you have agreed to the following terms and conditions.


  1. All working media attending the Coast Race Day must hold a valid Gosford Race Club Media Pass
  2. To apply for media accreditation for future race meetings, please email info@theentertainmentgrounds.com.au
  3. Media accreditation is at the discretion of Gosford Race Club
  4. Media accreditation is only intended for working media
  5. Media accreditation is non-transferable and will not be issued to anyone other than those who have been approved for a media pass
  6. A media accreditation pass must be visible at all times
  7. Accredited media must present their card if they are asked by staff or security working at the Gosford Race Club
  8. Any content captured by accredited media can only be used for editorial news purposes. The content is not authorised for any other purpose including public relations, promotional, commercial or entertainment use
  9. This media pass does not have access to any restricted areas.
  10. Gosford Race Club has the right to revoke media accreditation at any time before or during the event
  11. All accredited media must remain behind all barriers, fences or designated roped before and after each race
  12. Accredited media must follow all directions of Gosford Race Club officials and security.
  13. Gosford race club reserves the right at any time to limit the number of people who access to media centres and restricted areas.
  14. Any accredited media using radio on the day must inform Gosford Race Club what frequency it will be aired 24hrs prior to the event.
  15. Any physical or verbal abuse by media directed to anyone on course on the race day will not be tolerated. Accreditation will be immediately revoked and will be removed from the venue.

Audio and audio-visual material

  1. Sky Racing and Channel 7 are the official broadcasters of The Coast Race Day
  2. Other than Sky Racing, Channel 7 the GRC and RNSW, no live broadcast or streaming is permitted anywhere on the grounds except where written permission is provided by the Chief Executive Officer or Chairman of the GRC or RNSW
  3. Filming in restricted areas by any person other than staff representing an official broadcaster is forbidden.
  4. In addition to restricted areas, filming in any horse movement areas by any person who is not staff of the official broadcasters is not permitted where written permission is provided by the Chief Executive Officer or Chairman of the GRC or RNSW
  5. Sky Racing and Channel 7 will make the racing coverage available to non-rights holder television and online outlets
  6. Any interviews with industry participants must be conducted after Sky Racing and/or Channel 7 commitments have been fulfilled and these must take place outside of horse movement areas
  7. Use of live streaming platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, YouTube or any other streaming apps and/or programs will result in immediate forfeiture of accreditation.

Branded equipment

  1. Camerapersons and talent from non-broadcast partner outlets and their branded property must never be seen in a Sky Racing or Channel Seven filming line of vision
  2. Camerapersons from non-broadcast partner outlets must check areas prior to filming so not to obstruct Sky Racing and Channel Seven cameras. This includes items such as branded microphones or voice recording equipment, cameras, bags etc

Photography & Camera Operators

  1. Photographs must not be used for commercial use, unless approved in writing by Gosford Race Club
  2. Accredited media must be respectful to all race day patrons when taking photographs


  1. The capturing of wagering or persons engaging in wagering activities is prohibited. This includes photos of money changing hands and machines
  2. Photography and filming are only permitted to include wide shots of selected areas and must not focus on one person unless a patron has provided their permission or permission has been granted by GRC


  1. All produced content must be accurate and not misleading. It must comply will all GRC relevant policies and agreed positions. GRC policies may be amended at any time at the Club’s discretion.
  2. No person or business may imply a sponsorship or any other association with the GRC that does not exist. It is a condition of entry into the racecourse to not engage in this activity
  3. Should any persons not adhere to the above terms and conditions, their accreditation will be revoked and they will not be permitted to access Gosford Race Club in the future