Given that Gosford has a lengthy break from racing, with no scheduled meetings in September, it was a perfect opportunity for the club to schedule an annual track renovation.

The entire course proper is being sprayed for broadleaf weeds such as clover, before being cut right back to an inch and a half. A de-thatcher will then be brought in to remove excess organic matter that has built up over the past year.

“We will remove roughly 800 cubic metres of thatch during this renovation, allowing for the soil underneath to gain some much-needed air and sunlight.” – Said Track Manager, Stephen Scollard.

Once the thatch has been removed, the track was will be vertidrained, helping to aerate the soil before applying agricultural lime. The aerating & liming process is repeated around a dozen times a year, particularly in the summer months to help maintain optimum calcium levels and favourable racing conditions.

450 tonnes of good quality top soil is then brought in, spread & brushed over the course.

“This is the 16th consecutive year I will be applying this particular top dressing to Gosford. Historically the profile of the track was very heavy, however by applying this process, the soil quality has improved immensely, allowing for improved drainage and growth.”

“We have also made a few amendments to our regular fertilizing program, adding products to promote more lateral growth, helping to produce a denser sward of grass and aiding in recovery. – continued Scollard

Steve knows this track and the soil make up extremely well, with that knowledge he and his team, have been able to consistently present a surface that races very well and that jockeys, trainers and punters alike have huge confidence in.” Daniel Lacey CEO stated.

Gosford track will be in great condition leading into the Summer months, in particular the two-day ‘Spring Carnivále scheduled for the 22nd and 23rd November.