Gosford Race Club is pleased to announce that it will form a syndicate for this year’s Kosciuszko.

The club will offer entry into the syndicate to all of it’s members with the club kickstarting the fund with $2,000.


  • To be eligible you have to be a fully paid financial or life member as of the date of entering the syndicate.
  • No employee or standing board member or their immediate family are eligible to enter.
  • Daniel Lacey (CEO,Gosford Race Club) will be the owner of the syndicate and if the syndicate is drawn he will choose and negotiate the respective horse.
  • Each ticket costs $5, however entry will be in multiples of 5 tickets, i.e $25. The maximum entry will be $250 (50 tickets).
  • The club will pay $2,000 into the syndicate – This $2,000 will be the first deduction from any potential winnings.
  • Entries will close at 9am Wednesday 31 August. All entries received after this time will not be accepted and any associated moneys will be returned.
  • If the syndicate draws a horse each entry will form a percentage of the total pool calculated after subtracting the club’s contribution. For example, if the total pool is $10,000, $2,000 will be returned to the club, leaving a total pool of $8000. If you have purchased $200 worth of tickets your stake in the syndicate will be 200/8000 i.e. 2.5%.
  • Winnings (net of any outgoings and the club’s $2,000 contribution) will be distributed according to each syndicate member’s percentage ownership as calculated above. For example, if the syndicate wins $20,000 and your stake is 2.5% your return will be 2.5% of $18,000 being $450.
  • For transparency purposes all syndicate members and their respective ownership percentages will be listed in a document and distributed to the syndicate members.
  • If the syndicate does secure a slot the ‘owners’ for the actual race day attendance will potentially be limited. In such an event the ‘owners’ will be randomly selected. A draw will be conducted at Gosford Race Club premises and both successful and unsuccessful syndicate members will be notified of the result.
  • The draw for the Kosciuszko will be made at RacingNSW head office at 10am on the 9th of September 2023.
  • The race will be run at Royal Randwick on the 15th of October.


To enter please transfer your relevant amount to the account below and include your name and member number.

Account – Gosford Race Club
A/C – 10188045
BSB – 062 690

Upon purchasing tickets into the syndicate you accept and are bound by the terms and conditions as noted and included herein.

Please note that the Kosciuszko format is that of a raffle. There are no guarantees that your ticket will be drawn or that there will be a financial return. Please read the full terms and conditions (link below) before entering and please gamble responsibly and within your means.

Full Terms & Conditions for the Kosciuszko
Full details

Please contact us on 02 4325 0461 for more information.